Weekend Roundup


I am sure about 90% of you are going to be glued to your couches/chairs this weekend watching March Madness games. Enjoy a beer for me! I’ll probably be doing a little bit of that along with the usual things that I love (um, napping). Regardless of what you are doing, keep in mind…

Would you wear orchid lips?

Saturday’s Inside-Out-Pocket bag would be a perfect spring/summer purse for those looking for an excuse to spend a little of that tax return!

Emma Stone’s reaction to a personal message from Mel B of the Spice Girls is basically how any girl coming of age in the ’90s would act. Not going to lie I have watched Spice World in the last few months. TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT WHAT YOU REALLY REALLY WANT. (I want a personal message from one of the Spice Girls, preferably Baby Spice because she was my spirit Spice).

Francophiles/dress-lovers, this H&M dress has Eiffel Towers on it. Adorable doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Someone want to get me up to speed on Divergent? I can’t keep up with all these new-fangled young adult books! Side note: can’t young adults just read normal fiction books? What did they read in the past before YA was a thing?

Have a good weekend readers!



Weekend Roundup


Guys and gals, it is our birthday weekend! I would be much more excited if I wasn’t sick. Sickness be damned though, I am going to eat cake even if it kills me! I am happy that Jamie will be in town with Kevin–plus my Aunt Linda and one of her friends are visiting as well! It will certainly be a full house (minus Dave Coulier–see what I did there?). This weekend keep in mind…

From E:

Mindy Kaling is every girl’s fantasy gal pal. She shares with Byrdie what is in her makeup bag and makes me laugh doing so.

On the theme of ladies celebrating ladies, congrats to Alice Munro for winning the Nobel Prize for literature. Glamour did a nice write up on those new to Munro.

Chilly weather means finally having use for scarves! If you are like me and scarf illiterate (you may as well be asking me to build a computer from scratch), here is a guide on ways to tie your scarf. 

For those not suffering from illness, how about trying out a French 75 if you haven’t had one? And if you have had one, how about having one again, for my sake?

Anyone else out there too scared to see the movie, Gravity? I don’t know what it is about space that creeps me out, but man, even Space Camp was a little too intense for me!

P.S. Happy Early Birthday to you, Jamie! You make one hell of a womb/life buddy

From J:

I’m looking forward to another weekend in Omaha! Kevin and I are driving down tonight after school! Can’t wait to see family, eat some amazing food, and do some wine tasting tomorrow night!

This is slightly old news, but “New Girl” season 2 is on instant Netflix! It’s been getting a lot of air time at my place. So if you need to catch up on it, I recommend checking it out!

“Before Midnight,” the third movie in the Before Sunrise trilogy, comes out on DVD on October 22nd! I am going to preorder it this weekend! I saw it in theaters and it was beautiful/amazing/devastating. My favorite combo haha.

I’m a sucker for beautiful long sleeve dresses that can be dressed down (for work) and dressed up for after! This one from Anthropologie makes me salivate (in a non-creepy way).

Anthropologie Tropics dress

Loft dress

Loft dress

I love a good dress. In the summer, it’s way more comfortable to throw on a cute dress then try to wear anything that clings. I was tempted to write a vivid description of the nastiness that comes from the pairing of heat and jeans (yuck) but I decided to spare you all from the obvious. Anyways, typically I go for pretty muted colors and patterns when it comes to clothing. As a petite person, I don’t want to look like I’m being eaten alive by a tropical rainforest. Lately, however, I’ve been really into dresses that take a bold pattern and make it look classier and updated. These two dresses are definitely on my “to buy” list. I love that they can be easily dressed up and down, from daytime to date night. I can even see wearing the Anthropologie dress into fall with some tights and a cute cardigan!

Anyone else loving bright and bold prints? 

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