Happy Early Birthday Kyle!


On Saturday our little brother Kyle turns 21 years old! How in the heck did this happen? I remember turning 21 myself. Plus whenever I think of Kyle I still picture that chubby cheeked baby with his blonde bowl cut.

21 Things We Love About Kyle

1. He loves all things WWII. Even when he was just a kid, he would have discussions with my grandpa about WII weaponry or battles. Every time we would go on a car trip, we would have to watch “Saving Private Ryan.” He loved that movie at an inappropriately young age.

2. His friendship with Oleg, who we consider our honorary brother. They have been friends since they were in early elementary school and shorter than Jamie and me.

3. He used to be obsessed with killer whales, which sucks for me since loyal readers will know that I hate/am terrified of them. He was literally in the Free Willy fan club.

4. He’s a night owl. Sometimes in high school we would cross paths with him as we were getting up for school and he was going to bed.

5. Whenever we go out, people gravitate towards him. I can’t count how many times I have walked away and come back to Kyle to find a group of people around him. He’s that person that makes you feel like old friends after your first conversation.

6. He’s got a killer sense of humor. Sometimes he will make a quip and I’ll just pause before cracking up. It always catches me off guard.

7. In family pictures, it looks like he is photoshopped in since he is several inches taller than the rest of us.

8. He was our co-star in our many, many home videos. We groomed him to be an actor from a very early age. How did that not work out?

9. He dresses quite dapper.

10. Our late night talks. I remember a few years ago staying up until like 3 or 4 am talking about everything.

11. He somehow survived being the youngest with three older sisters. That means he survived having makeup put on him, us dressing him up, among many other humiliating things. We’re sorry, bro!

12. He loves ‘Merica.

13. He owns a ridiculous amount of clothing/accessories with the American flag (see above).

14. His hugs are amazing, even though they sometimes crush a rib or two.

15. One time when we went out to karaoke, he insisted that he was not going to sing. Cut to later that night–out of all of us, he sang the most, which includes introducing the world to his Creed impression.

16. When he played hockey, Kyle was always the one on the team who worked the hardest. That passion is pretty astounding to see, especially for a young kid.

17. His name could have been Aladdin if it had been up to us. Definitely imagining what a “21 Things We Love about Aladdin” list would look like….

18. His reputation as a boyfriend is legendary. He wouldn’t like us to say that he is “romantic,” but he definitely is. He treats ladies right! (You are welcome,Kyle’s girlfriend Aimee!)

19. He’s mischievous. One time I went into my room to discover that he had taped a killer whale poster to the back of my door. Not cool. Not cool at all.

20. He used to eat butter by the spoonful. It happened. We remember.

21. He loves all of us sisters so much that he’ll do anything for us, including threatening to beat people up. Don’t worry, we have yet to take him up on that offer. YET.


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