Ode to Erin


Now it’s my turn! I have to one up my sister obviously!! Just kidding…that’s not a very sweet birthday wish!  But I did want to return the favor after Erin’s b-day post to me. After Erin’s kind birthday ode to me, I feel like anything I write is going to see just like I am trying to pay her back for her generous words. But believe me, my comments about her are not any less true or real.

Now MY 25 things that I love about my sister, this time all dedicated to my lovely partner in crime, Erin!

  1. Our times together are always filled with hilarious conversations and laughs. From our Ice Cream Thursdays in college (where we realized we were a bit TOO much like the Beales as we watched “Grey Gardens” eating our ice cream sitting on my bed) to our shared love of Thor/Logan Echolls/insert hot movie or tv character here.
  2. Hello, has anyone seen her maraca dance move? It’s pretty much the best thing about the street dance each year.
  3. Speaking of the street dance, Street Dance Erin has reached local lore in Hancock. She pulls out the maracas, charms the town folk, and angrily yells at the band if they even THINK of ending at midnight.  She’s a crazy.
  4. Her writing is AMAZING. Seriously. I like to write too but I always can never make my story as eloquent or as powerful as I have it in my head. But Erin always can. She takes characters and situations and creates incredible art. Her writing always makes tear up or cry, which is corny but true. Her writing is just that perfect.
  5. When dealing with a crummy day, break up, or stress, Erin is always there with ice cream, a happy hour invite, chocolate, or booze (or sometimes all of the above). She knows exactly what to do when things seem pretty shitty.
  6. Erin is very dedicated to her “daughter,” Dottie. Erin babies her and worries about her when she goes out of town. Dottie is also definitely as weird as Erin is, which means that I love the heck out of Dottie.
  7. The girl has incredible cheekbones. Superficial, yes, but true! Between those and her beautiful face, well, let’s face it. She’s a stunner. I feel like a chunky schlub next to her!
  8. She always finds the cutest clothes, shoes, or anything related to fashion. I search for hours online and find nothing special. She digs around for 10 minutes and puts together a stylish outfit.
  9. When she is obsessed with a book/tv show/miniseries/movie, it is literally the only thing she will talk about. She gets super excited and wants to show/tell you everything about it.  Lately, it has been with “Hollow Crown” and early British History. That type of passion is pretty amazing, even when she won’t stop bugging you to watch it!
  10. In high school, we wrote a 80 page play on Robespierre together. For fun. In the style of a Greek tragedy. Umm…who else would do that with me?
  11. She puts up with my wedding fever lately, even though she could care less about wedding stuff. Plus I know she will wear the ugly maid of honor dress I pick for her! KIDDING!
  12. She managed to get an amazing job right out of college. While other new graduates struggle, she found a well paying job within a month!
  13. Even though she struggles with OCD, she took a trip to southern France a few years ago, knowing it would be a real test. Many people wouldn’t take that risk like she did, but she knew she was strong enough to live out her dream. She didn’t let it get in the way.
  14. She’s a hugger, especially when she has had a drink or two. Like when we went out with two old high school teachers of ours, she OF COURSE had to hug them at the end, which meant I had to as well (I’m not a hugger).
  15. Whenever we meet new people, she is such at ease with them right away. While I am all awkward and try to think of things to say, she instantly is able to relate to them and get them to act like old friends.  So not fair.
  16. On birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, pre-moving day or whatever, she always writes notes that make you feel loved and special.
  17. Her creepy mummy sleeping position (she literally crosses her arms across her chest and lays on her back) is so hilarious.
  18. Despite having weird health issues in childhood (mono/collapsed lung, bell’s palsy), she’s always had a sunny outlook and never got down on her self.  Hell, the girl wore an eyepatch to school in middle school! She’s WAY more brave than me!
  19. All along the way, she has been my supportive system. I had a rough year or two adjusting to college life and she took on the brunt of the work with my parents out of town. I can’t thank her enough for that.
  20. She’s such a giving person—she donates money to causes she believes in, helped me when I was struggling with money (thanks grad school!), and would give money/time/the clothes off her back for her family.
  21. Erin has been my sidekick our whole lives. Our childhood rap video would be nothing without her work as the hype man. “Boys, boys, boys, boys, boys.”
  22. Um, have I mentioned how adorably weird Erin is/was? As a kid, she had a freaking life size Tommy from the “Power Rangers” doll that she would dance around with. He was basically her boyfriend. She also brought him to first grade, as she was having difficulties adjusting to not being in classes with me anymore. I think she should’ve brought him out when I moved away to Minnesota haha.
  23. She’s my best friend and the person who I want to tell everything about my day to. We text and email AT LEAST 50 times a day and even then, I miss her and wish she was here sometimes.
  24. Her hatred of Hemingway is legendary. She will die trying to make sure people realize he is a douche-nugget.
  25. She’s one of the few people who get me, who know without me telling them that the 1968 era Rolling Stones are hot and not the bag of bones they are today, that Jess will always be the best of Rory’s boyfriends on “Gilmore Girls,” that clothes are sometimes a good cure for a crappy day, that Coach Taylor from FNL is the ultimate dream husband, that old episodes of “Arrested Development,” Parks & Rec, and 30 Rock are perfect to watch 30 times each, and that “Before Sunset” is the best movie ever made about relationships.  Who else has someone like that in their life?

Happy birthday, Erin! Life is made so much better with you here.


4 thoughts on “Ode to Erin

  1. Okay I legit just told someone about the power ranger the other day, and I couldn’t remember to whom he belonged. You guys were fun elementary school friends!! Haha

    • Haha so hilarious Laura! That makes me so happy to know that even like 15 plus years later others still remember that! Our family loves to give Erin a hard time about it!

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