A Pre-Birthday Ode to Jamie

IMG_8477As I have noted, sharing a birthday with your twin can be weird. You have to share the cake, share some presents, share the attention….sometimes I just forget to share the celebration. So in anticipation of our 25th birthday, I am going to share 25 things I love about Jamie. I will try not to get too mushy.

  1. She gets all bashful and flustered when people say she looks like Zooey Deschanel (she does!).
  2. She cooks! Cooks well! When we lived together, she used to cook basically everything for me. She is like my Twin-Wife.
  3. She is such a good teacher–she cares about each and every student. Even the ones who annoy her. Teaching can be such a thankless profession with long hours and criminally low salaries, but she loves what she does and makes teaching an art form.
  4. Her overt, adorable bossiness in home videos.
  5. That she knows just when you need pizza and booze in large amounts.
  6. She’s hilarious.  That girl can crack me up. When we found out that least popular Rolling Stones member Bill Wyman has slept with over a thousand women, she replied quite seriously, “blind women??”
  7. Without fail, every time she uses my computer she changes my background to a Dave Coulier picture.
  8. She is a great writer. She rarely shares her pieces of writing, but she’s got skillz.
  9. She is the life of the party. In Cancun, she made us all stay out a little longer, dance a little more.
  10. She is stronger than she gives herself credit for. She overcame an eating disorder in high school. That isn’t easy.
  11. She’s such a romantic. She loves giving Kevin little gifts or notes.
  12. She cries in almost every movie. She makes me feel like a robot in comparison.
  13. She turned a college class history field trip to Stillwater into a fun-filled afternoon where we ended up getting wine drunk at an Italian restaurant during lunch, resulting in us exploring archives while still tipsy.
  14. She makes little kids instantly fall in love with her. Our cousin’s daughter Maddie kicked me out of a room so that she had exclusive rights to Jamie.
  15. She is always there with a pep talk/advice when you need it most.
  16. She says weird sayings when she gets drunk–my personal favorite: “you belong where you belong.”
  17. She dressed up as Mick Jagger to my Keith Richards for Halloween.
  18. She ate a whole bowl of pineapple (which she hates) at a Cracker Barrel as a bet with my parents to win $20.
  19. She looks too damn gorgeous without makeup. It is unfair.
  20. She will do anything for french fries.
  21. She is a savant of girl talk.
  22. She’ll drive several hours to just to keep me company for the weekend.
  23. She unabashedly loves trashy tv shows like “Teen Mom.”
  24. She has a weird love for Robespierre, the French Revolutionary.
  25. She gets into phases where she calls everyone “monkey.” The dogs, Kevin, me…all “monkey.”

I love you, babe.


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