The Tattoo Dilemma


I never thought I would want a tattoo. I don’t mind needles (not that I go seeking them out either…just to clarify) and I have seen tattoos on other people that I admire. Mainly my hesitation was because I never had anything that I wanted to have on my body for, well, forever. It is a daunting proposition, like having to pick out at age 10 what you will wear every day for the rest of your life. Like basically everyone in existence, I can honestly say that my tastes have changed a lot over the past decade or two. I wouldn’t want to be stuck having a tattoo that is the equivalent of that checkered, shoulder-pad-laden jumpsuit that I wore for my 4th birthday party. Who knows what I will be like in another decade (or four)? Lately though I have been considering taking the plunge. There is a Shakespeare quote that appears in Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway that has always been a source of comfort for me. “Fear no more the heat o’ the sun/nor the furious winter’s rages.” 

But then I think about that damn jumpsuit. Any words of advice out there? For those with tattoos, what made you decide to go through with it?


5 thoughts on “The Tattoo Dilemma

  1. I got a tattoo when I was 19 that -at the time- held a lot of meaning for me. I usually forget I even have it to be honest. It’s on my wrist and I always wear bracelets that cover it up anyways. Lately I’ve been tossing around the idea of getting it covered up with another tattoo. I’ve mentioned this to a few people, which just raises the question of “why would you do that?”. If I were to get another tattoo I don’t think it will be one that had a super specific meaning (like a religious tattoo, which is what I currently have).

    If I could do it over, I wouldn’t get it. Probably not what you want to hear!

    • Haha I definitely wanted to hear both sides! It is worth considering especially since like you said tattoos with super specific meanings may not age well (kind of like inside jokes where years later you forget what they were all about!). Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. I was just thinking the other day that I might want one, and it would be writing like yours. But then, as someone who never got her ears pierced, and ended up removing her lip ring, I don’t like the idea of body modification/permanence in general either.

    I think that quote is beautiful though, and especially if you got it in a rarely looked at place you could just appreciate that it’s there, and not have to see it 100% of the time. Besides, Shakespeare’s still popular hundreds of years later, so I think he’ll still be with it by the time you’re 80 … 🙂

    • Haha yeah I love the quote and have for many years so it isn’t something that I think I will get sick of…but it still worries me because I like to worry. I am impressed that you would get a lip ring! I am not sure if I could go through with any piercing besides my ears which I got when I was in middle school!

      • Well, it hurt but it wasn’t that bad. Mostly I just was unprepared for it affecting my diet. I would sit there and wincingly eat a sandwich, and just fight back tears. A sandwich is worth that kind of effort though I guess, haha. I could never get my ears pierced I don’t think. Maybe that will be my double-dare-me 40th bday present or something. Who knows!

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